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GE2020 updates

Welcome to our GE2020 updates page. We have categorised the information chronologically, according to the different stages of the 2020 General Elections. Please keep in mind that information is continuously being updated.  

Where are we right now? Campaigning Period

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Important dates for GE2020

23 June - Dissolution of Parliament and Issuance of Writ of Election ✔️

photo_2020-06-23 21.30.32.jpeg

What happened? 

What should I be looking out for at this stage?

  • What constituency am I in? 

    • Find out which constituency you are here. ​Once you find out, you can head over to contesting where? to find out which parties and candidates are contesting your GRC/SMC. 

    • Please note that all past information from Parties is provisional, and the real contested constituencies and candidates will only be confirmed on Nomination Day.

  • Ok, so what is Nomination Day and why is it important? 

    • Nomination Day is when prospective candidates submit their nomination papers to the Returning Officer (RO). If more than 1 candidate/group of candidates submit their papers for one constituency, voters from that area will have go to the polls on 10 July to cast their votes. If only 1 candidate/group submits papers, the RO will declare the constituency a walkover and voters will not need to go to the polls on 10 July. (See: How do the General Elections Work?)

    • You will only know for certain who is contesting your GRC/SMC, if anyone, on 30 June: Nomination Day. 

30 June - Nomination Day ✔️

What's Happening?

  • Under the law, Nomination Day must be between the 5th and the 30th (“month”) day from which the Writ of Election has been issued. 

  • Typically, Singapore PMs have kept the interval to exactly a week, as is the case this year

  • Nomination Day is the first day of the campaigning period

What should I be looking out for?

  • Which Parties and Candidates are CONFIRM contesting my constituency?

  1. If my constituency is being contested, I can read up on the contesting parties here

  2. If my constituency is not being contested, OK. (See: walkover)

  • Questions to ask yourself about the parties that will be contesting:

    • What do these parties stand for? 

    • Have their manifestos been released? (Check their websites) 

    • Do they have social media? Facebook, Instagram... Tik Tok?

    • What are the official websites for these parties? 

    • What are the backgrounds of the candidates contesting my constituency? 

    • When are they scheduled to campaign on National Television? 

      • Some of this information will be covered generally party crash course page. However, ​if you'd like to find out more and in greater detail, we encourage you to look up the parties online and keep updated.

  • How will these parties be campaigning? 

    • Due to the COVID-19 situation, new campaigning rules have been released to adhere to social distancing measures. This means the online presence of these parties will be increasingly important. (For all you Gen Z/Millennial folks out there, this means that you might have to help older family members etc with accessing campaigning information.)

    • Find out more about the new campaigning guidelines ​here.

    • When will the broadcasts of the MPs contesting my constituency be televised? 

  • Do I have a sense of how I will be voting? 

where we at

30 June - 8 July - Campaigning Period 

Party Political Broadcasts (2 July & 9 July)

Political parties with at least 6 candidates will take to TV and radio to state their cause. 

  • Airing from 2 July, 7pm onwards. 

  • In all 4 national languages

Where to watch?

  • 8pm: Channel 5, Class 95, Gold 90.5, CNA YouTube channel, CNA Facebook page, Channel 8, Capital 958,

  • 8.30pm: Suria, Warna 942

  • 9pm: Channel News Asia, CNA 983

  • 9pm: Vasantham, Oli 968

  • 11.45pm: Channel U

Second round will air on 9 July. Only difference being that Channel U will air at 11.30pm instead. 

Constituency Political Broadcasts (4 to 9 July)

Constituency Political Broadcasts (CPBs) substitute physical rallies.

  • SMC candidates get 3 minutes of airtime

  • GRC teams with 4 members get 12 minutes; teams with 5 members get 15 minutes

Where to watch?

9 July - Cooling Off Day

What's Happening?

  • Cooling-off Day is the day that marks the end of the Campaigning period.

Rules for Cooling-Off Day

On Cooling-off Day, the following are disallowed:

  • publication and display of election advertising, including those on the internet, that were not already published or displayed before the start of Cooling-off Day;

  • canvassing, visiting homes and workplaces of voters in connection with the election;

  • wearing, carrying and displaying political insignia or propaganda; and

  • holding of election meetings.

The following are allowed:

  • television broadcasts by presidential candidates;

  • party political broadcasts on television;

  • election-related news published in newspapers or broadcast on radio or television;

  • approved posters and banners that were lawfully displayed before the start of Cooling-off Day;

  • other election advertising, including those on the Internet, that were displayed or published before Cooling-off Day;

  • distribution or promotion of the sale of any book if its publication was scheduled independent of the election, but the book must not be sold at less than its commercial value;

  • transmission of personal political views by any individual to another (non-commercial) using the telephone, internet or other electronic means; and

  • wearing of party badges by candidates.5


What's Happening?

  • All eligible voters will head to the assigned polling stations to cast their vote.

  • More about what to expect on Polling Day can be found here.

  • Live updates on Polling Day can be found at the Straits Times' live blog

Here's a quick copy+paste message you can send to your older relatives/family members etc that explains what is going to happen on Polling Day and what they should check before heading out of the house to vote on 10 July. 

What to expect on Polling Day In The Time of COVID 

Before Polling Day 

  • Special Provisions: 

    • Senior voters aged 65 and above will be allotted recommended voting time-bands from 8am to 12pm. Senior voters can still vote so at other times of the day when they will be able to join priority queues.

    • Senior voters who require assistance may be accompanied by one household member.

    • Voters on stay-home notices at designated facilities will vote at special polling stations away from other voters.

    • Whether or not overseas voters can vote depends on the health advisory where they are located. 

Before Leaving The House:

          WHAT TO BRING:

  • NRIC

  • Poll Card

  • Your own pen!! (There will be a self-inking pen at the polling station, but health and safety!!)

  • Wear your mask!!  

At the Polling Station

  • Polling agents will take your temperature before you enter the polling station

    • Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 deg C and above will be refused entry. ​

  • Scan IC to register

  • Before receiving the ballot paper, voters must sanitise hands and put on disposable gloves. 



What's Happening?

  • Results for each constituency will be announced live.

Where to watch?

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